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Initial thoughts on exploring the wiki.

Observations Solutions
1 Copyright statement on front page incompatible with the wiki way. Since I am not Dave, I cannot edit any of the articles outside of User: namespace, because to do so would be an infringement of copyright law. This stance benefits me, as I cannot be pursued for infringing copyright, however, this may not benefit CAG, since allowing the statement to stand while allowing some people to modify and publish the articles (which is what happens when you edit them) can be seen as a failure to defend - this can be used by third parties who copy the documents wholesale as a defence against infringement. Adopt a suitable content licence that allows users to modify the documents and publish the modified versions (when editing a page, a new modified version is created and published in place of the old one). Suggest using a Creative Commons boilerplate licence. BY-SA is recommended, BY-SA-NC may appear desirable, but may produce unintended consequences (may preclude people from using the information to help other people, for instance). For the reasons already outlined, ND would still prevent anyone other than Dave from editing the main namespace.
2 Project namespace prefix ConsumerActionGroup: is ambiguous. The Project namespace (alternatively reached by the Project: prefix) is for information about the wiki itself, and information may be dumped in the Project namespace about CAG as a whole that belongs in the main namespace, and information about writing may appear in the main namespace which should appear in the Project namespace. Change the name of the project namespace, e.g. CAGWiki:. This can be done by changing some of the system messages or by changing $wgMetaNamespace in LocalSettings.php.
3 There appears to be little consistency in the format of pages, either in the title or in the body itself. For instance, some page titles are in sentence case ("Capital letter for the first word"), others are in title case ("Capital Letter for All Except the Minor Ones"), others in emphatic case ("Capital Letter For Even The Common Words"). Adopt some standards on presentation, as regards when bold, italics and CAPS are to be used. I would point to Wikipedia's style guides, however the aforementioned copyright problem means we are not able to re-use their content.
4 A few pages are at unintuitive titles, and may be difficult to find unless you know where they are. Appropriate use of redirects and categories can make things easier to find.

I cannot implement any of the suggested solutions - point 1 means it would be illegal for me to do so.