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A Manual of Style:

  • outlining the way to use capitals in titles, for names etc...

--First initial always caps?

  • standards for external links

-- link-text-description

  • a template style for template letters (in a template_letter category)
  • templates for unfinished or articles requiring clean-up, such as:

  • Properly laid out index...(Spicenix)

Would this not be the index?


(when we have the categories sorted with content, then they will ALL appear here rather than just the one that I have created, called 'Contact Details')


So far I have created:

Bank_Charges Contact_Details Legal_Information Standard_Letters can be seen here:

I have only added a few into categories so far, to do this you have to type: "[ [ Category:Contact_Details ] ]" (where Contact_Details is the name of the category that the article shoule belong) Take out the spaces (I don't know how to make it NOT turn this into the category without doing that!! ;-). Put it at the end of the article always I think; agreed?.

What others shall I create?