Holiday complaint template letter

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Date Your address

Company’s address

Dear ___________

{Location and Dates of Holiday}

Name in which booking was made Hotel Name Resort Departure Date Booking Reference Number

I am writing to complain about the above holiday from which I have just returned with my family. It was most disappointing.

I enclose a list of our complaints. The main one was the fact that the (accommodation/facilities) was/were not ___________ as described in the brochure (see enclosed photocopy extract from the brochure). Instead the (accommodation/facilities) was/were ________________

I immediately contacted your representative at the resort, but he/she was unable to resolve the matter. He/she apologised and told me to complain when I got home.

As our holiday was a package, the Package Travel Regulations 1992 apply to it. Under these regulations you are liable to compensate us for the problems we encountered and for the distress and disappointment we suffered as a result.

If this matter cannot be resolved amicably, I shall send a copy of this letter and enclosures to ABTA (of which I note you are a member). (Also, if, as I suspect, the misdescription in the brochure was made ‘knowingly’ or ‘recklessly’ by you, you will have committed a criminal offence under the Trade Descriptions Act. Accordingly, I will report it to the trading standards department of my local authority for investigation).

I await hearing from you.