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OFT Publishes Reply to Banks Defences

157/07 15 November 2007

The OFT has submitted to the High Court its reply to the banks defences and counterclaim in the forthcoming test case.

Download OFT's joint reply and defence to counterclaims.

The case is expected to be heard within the period 14 January 2008 – 28 February 2008.

Within the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contract Regulations (UTCCRs) investigation, the OFT is continuing to request and analyse information supplied by the banks. Further information on this investigation will be published after the judgment has been delivered and the OFT has considered its implications.

After reviewing interactions with court proceedings and taking legal advice it has been decided that the findings of the market study into banks will not be published in advance of the test case. When they are published there will be a consultation with stakeholders before the final recommendations are published.

22 March 2008

The OFT have published schedules A & B of their amended particulars of claim.

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